Fortunato calls bankruptcy ruling unreasonable, demands fairness for Eyman

While locked in a heated battle for the 2020 Republican gubernatorial nomination, state Sen. Phil Fortunato is calling for a reasonable conclusion for his competitor, notable initiative promoter, Tim Eyman. Today, a federal bankruptcy court ruled that Eyman must come up with nearly $300,000 in just a couple of weeks, and then embark on a 5-figure monthly repayment plan. This is in addition to the nearly $800,000 in penalties being pursued by the state Attorney General for other campaign finance-related charges.

“I’ve known Tim for a long time and have supported his efforts to protect taxpayers over the years,” Fortunato said. “It is unfortunate that he is in this position, putting a cloud over his race for governor, but I think today’s outcome is just simply unreasonable.”

In a news release from the state Attorney General sent today, Ferguson notes that the state is allowed to seek triple the fines if Eyman’s actions at concealing certain information was intentional. “The office contends these violations were intentional and will be seeking triple penalties,” the release said.

“I think part of this is politically motivated on the part of AG Ferguson and the political establishment. They don’t like the fact that Tim has put a finger in their eye on taxes time and again,” Fortunato said. “Tim may have misstepped in campaign finance reporting, but I think they need to exhibit some compassion and fairness. We are stopping evictions, delaying mortgage payments and all kinds of extraordinary things to help people while the economy is struggling. If this were anyone other than Eyman, there would be outrage from Democrats. Demanding that someone come up with over a million dollars by the end of the month is unimaginable.”